Islamic student loans – How to get the best deals.

As a Muslim student in the United States, it can be a difficult situation to think about funding your post-secondary education. For practicing and devout Muslims, we understand that it is haram or against your religious principles to accept a loan where someone or something – in this case the financial institution – is making interest on a loan. If you are a devout Muslim student in the United States and you are looking at furthering your education, it is best to do your research on how to find halal university loans that are non-haram – and how to get those loans at the best price and for what works within your lifestyle.

At Debt Helper USA, we help thousands of students each year – many who are concerned about funding their post-secondary educations – with information on where to get the best halal student loans, at the best rates.

For Muslim students, we understand that the idea of paying interest on loans is against Muslim principles, and so we would like to be able to help you understand what your options are if you need halal student finance.

Thousands of devout Muslim students who are pursuing higher education and need help with their finances come to us each year in the US, and we have an understanding and friendly team available to help you find a halal university loan at the best rates, and we can also give you information about other options on funding your education.

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Funding your Higher Education with a Halal University Loan

Of course, furthering your education is a good thing, and especially if you are going to be involved in a career where you can help others – which is generally most careers. To become a doctor, an engineer, a researcher or a scientist are all honorable professions, but in most cases, the length of time in school for these professions is over 4 years, and we all know that university or college is expensive.

For students who come from devout Muslim backgrounds and feel they want to pursue Islamic student loans, there are financial institutions in the United States and around the world that can help students find and access halal university loans.

These loans are often created by Islamic benefactors that have a commitment to seeing Islamic students succeed without the haram of traditional student loans.

At Debt Helper USA, we are well aware of the financial issues that face students who are committed to Muslim principles that want to pursue a higher education.

Our team of financial experts can help students who are wondering how to get a halal student loan in the USA so they can pursue their university education. We have information and access to Islamic student loans, and have helped many students – just like you – to access funding if they need help.

Other Options for Halal Post Secondary Student Loans

We can also advise you on how to reduce your need to borrow money. There are many scholarships and bursaries available at the various US universities to help offset the cost of your post-secondary education. Most of these scholarships and bursaries are made available to high performing students, but some are available to students who are experiencing financial hardships as well.

In addition, if you speak to one of Debt Helper USA’s financial counsellors, they may also encourage you to see if you have money from your family that can be used toward your post-secondary education. Money from family is considered a halal student loan, as there is no interest or “ribaa” associated with it. In addition, you may also consider raising funds outside of family through your community, mosque or other related Islamic-based funding sources.

Another ways to avoid a haram loan is to take a year off between finishing high school and going to college or university and work that year to save money for your education. You can also save money while at post-secondary school by working a part-time job, choose to live at home and also continue to excel in your studies so you can be eligible to apply for additional scholarships and bursaries while in school.

Debt Helper USA can Help with Islamic Student Loans

If you have no choice but to get a student loan, you can look to see how quickly you can pay back your loan after you graduate, thus eliminating any further interest payments as quickly as possible.

Again, Debt Helper USA can help you with information on student loans that have shorter payback terms and can share with you what the implications are if you want to pay your loan off quickly after graduation.

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Our team is staffed with friendly, understanding financial specialists who work specifically with each customer – you – that comes to us with financial needs.

If you are a Muslim student who is concerned about receiving a halal student loan, then we are here for you. For any discussions around securing a halal university loan, Islamic university loans, and the implications of haram on receiving loans, we are here for you.


If you are new to Debt Helper USA and interested in reducing credit card interest rates or payments, submit the following form to receive a call from one of our caring financial advisors within 48 hours.


If you are new to Debt Helper USA and interested in reducing credit card interest rates or payments, submit the following form to receive a call from one of our caring financial advisors within 48 hours.


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